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For Shoppers:

So why should you trust your precious photos on this site?  Here are a few reasons:
  • You still own all your submitted photos.  Use them as you wish on other sites.
  • You get paid before the photoset gets published.
  • Change your mind?  No problem.  Your photos will be taken down immediately. You won't even have to return the payment fee.  Keep that for yourself just for giving the site a chance.
  • Tell the world about your favorite online shops and designers.
  • Tell your friends your shopping is finally paying off!


This site has been archived for close to 10 years.
Sorry for the delay.
This site should be updated next year.
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diego [at] surferhearts [dot] com

(My personal homepage if you are deeply curious.)

The Secret Origins of SRFR HRTS::

Jan 2007 - April 2007: A shopping blog full of colorful, useful buys around the WWW.

April 2007 - ???:Archived.

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